10 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

You’re working minimum and have homework at a maximum. You try to find time to save money to purchase your school books, clothes, or possibly go out with friends after finals. You tell your parents you don’t want to have a mediocre Dorm Room, and why should you? You will live here for the next year, two or possibly your entire College career. While your earning your education to help you earn more green, here are a few ways to spend little green on your dorm room. Creating fashion and cute living quarters had never been easier!

Bedding – Too spice up or bring a feminine touch to your Bedroom, bring in a beautiful, bright sheet set. You can find these at your local Target, Walmart, Kmart, anywhere that sells furniture and home gear pretty much. But remember, beds at colleges are usually longer and thinner, so invest in a queen size.

  1. Frames to Accessorize – Put frames on the Furniture and the Walls to bring Life in the Room, and plus you can always have your favorite photo of you, your friends, or your family to keep you happy when you’re away from their side.
  2. Storage is a Must-Have – It’s smart to invest in Plastic Bins, Hooks, Tubs. All of which you can find at a Walmart for around $10.00 and can hold all of the extra clothes, paperwork, anything you need but can’t find a place to storage
  3. Silk Flowers and/or Flowers
  4. Posters
  5. Dry Erase Boards & other School Supplies
  6. Coat Hangers and Door Mats – especially if your College is somewhere cold, you will need these two things for a bulk of your College years
  7. Laundry Basket
  8. Caddy for the Shower
  9. Lamps


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