Your Parents Hate Your Man

Oh, snap.  You have found a guy that your parents can’t seem to stomach.  Well, we can say that Thanksgiving dinner probably won’t go well this year.  What do you do?

parents hate your man

You’re not really sure if you should keep him around for a little while or break up with him immediately.  After those condoms fell out of his pocket they decided to Facebook him.  Your parents saw his endless number of tattoos which they didn’t find to be appealing.  They are against all body markings; including piercings.  They have told you that they don’t feel comfortable with him coming around your house.  You should probably break up with him right about now.  That’s not really the answer though.

You need to compromise your time with your parents and your boo.  It’s not fair that they are trying to take you away from the one guy you finally find something in common with just because they don’t.  You can decide whether or not you want to stay with him.  He doesn’t have to come over for you to still see each other.  If your parents hate your man, there is really only one thing you can do.  You need to find ways around their hatred and stick with him if he is someone you want to be with.

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