Women Tennis Final Tournement

American vs Australia in the greatest, US Open Final, we think we’ve seen to date. Serena Williams, our favorite Williams girl and 13-time Grand Slam champion will be taking on Aussie Samantha Stosur. This match has talks from commentary as well as the fans that we can expect great Tennis, great skills, and great emotions. The two Women are set to play on Sunday, September 11, 2011. The day we mourn a tragedy is the day one of these two Women will celebrate. Williams, already celebrating, has admitted she will be happy no matter how the round turns out. With her incredible Tennis game on Saturday, defeating Carolie Wozniacki, who was number 1 in the World, and her being in the hospital just a short six months ago, she already has reasons to be happy.

The final will be followed by a Ceremony remembering the Event, the Victims, and honoring all of the work the rescue volunteers and society has done since the Catastrophe.

Our heart goes out to Serena. But we still love Australia and our hands will be in the Air for whichever Woman takes the Title. We hope this game may put some of the Viewers in good spirits on such a gloomy day. Good luck Gals!


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