What To Do If He Still Hasn’t Called

You and your boyfriend had a wonderful evening. A evening you believe you’ve seen in a Lifetime Movie. He came to your Front Door instead of knocking like every other Loser you’ve dated, he’s so polite, he’s sweet, and he’s a great kisser, but he still hasn’t called. You’ve tried phoning him, emailing him, even IM’ing him, and he hasn’t returned any of your calls. You don’t know if you did something wrong or if something is wrong with him. You just can’t figure out the matter; I mean if he’s your boyfriend, he should call you back right? What do you do if he still hasn’t called?

waiting for him to call

You may think he’s in the wrong, or you’re in the wrong, you may think of all the best reasons defending the reason why he may not call or be thinking all of the worse reasons and stabbing a hairball home made design you did of him, nonetheless, there may be no other reason than he is just a d*ck. We hope that may not be the case. We are here to give you the top 5 reasons why he is not calling you, researched and submitted from all the guys we’ve met in our life. We hope these answers bring some peace and clarity to your mind.

waiting for him to call

  1. He is playing hard to get
      Yes, if you are dating him this may not apply, unless of course, you just started dating him roughly a month or so ago. But, if you are just dating and have only gone out to dinner with him once or twice, he probably doesn’t want to seem so desperate or easy. He wants you to think he’s busy or preoccupied, or possibly could be, but, overall, he doesn’t want to seem like he is thinking of you 24-7 or that he is so interested. Although, we are sure he is!
  2. The simple and truthful fact (sometimes) is that he is just busy
      It happens to all of us. We all get busy. He has a long day in the office, prearranged plans with his friends or his mother, anything or everything could happen in one day that by the time he would call you he knows you are in bed. Or, he just believes it’s too late to phone you. You can’t be mad at that, if you are busy, you’re busy. At least he thought of you before calling at 11:00pm.
  3. He is following the guy code
      He may or may not have already mentioned you to his Guy Pals. Of course, causing a rift with the bros is definitely going to get him a harass or two. He may think calling you this early in the game will not only scare you but he will get made fun of at Bball on Tuesday.
  4. He’s wanting to break off the relationship but not wanting to make you cry
      When guys are trying to end things, they do it any way possibly to make it the most easiest for them without you crying, babbling, throwing a shoe at them or possibly ripping their face off. Case in point, my girlfriend came home one day to find his stuff moved out with a Post-It simply saying, “I moved.” “Oh no sh-t, a—hole.” It was simple, straight to the point, he changed his number, so he made it out alive. For now. So, if your man is slowly cutting off ties, don’t be alarmed, unless he goes out to buy Post-its. At least have your guard and Armor ready if he comes towards you with a Breakup.
  5. Finally… And we are going to say it again, say the infamous Line we’ve seen, read and heard but, don’t want to admit..He’s Just NOT That Into You.”
      Simply enough, he is not into you. You met at Red Lobster; shared an intimate, wonderful dinner but when he left he called his best friend, Rob, and told him he just didn’t feel it. He may be doing that because you denied the goods (so he’s a dog), he is still or now thinking he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, whatever it may be, he just didn’t feel into you. Therefore he’s not going to call, answer your calls, he doesn’t want to waste your or his time. Take this as a blessing, it gives you more possibilities in the Sea of Dating.


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