Weekend Getaway Bag

Packing light can always be tough.  Especially when you need all of your face products, hair styling items, clothes, and jewelry.  There is way more to a girl’s suitcase than just those four things.  Like I said, it’s hard to pack light.

Going away for the weekend leaves you many outfits to plan.  You have such a short trip but so many activities to squeeze in that each need an outfit.  You want to go to breakfast, walk around, go shopping, and go out to the club.  You can’t wear heels all day but you want to bring them so you can show off those legs of yours in a dress at night.  Don’t forget your pajamas, either!  Here are a few strategies that I like to use when packing for a small little trip.  I promise, you will only need a duffle bag.

Pick One Color

Pick one color to wear for the whole weekend.  Bring a few different colored pieces of jewelry to accent the your outfits.  The jewelry will make your outfits look tasteful and it won’t be completely noticeable that you only brought one color of clothing.  Choosing a few outfits that have equal color schemes will give you two shoe options.  One pair of high heels and one comfortable pair of shoes should be put into this duffle bag.  The high heels will match every dressy outfit you bring and the comfortable shoes will match the bummy clothes you packed.  This will definitely leave a lot of space for other items that you will need.

Bring Items You Can Re-Wear

Re-wearing items of clothes might sound dirty, but I’m not talking about underwear so it’s O.K.  If you have a sweater that you can throw on with everything, I would recommend that you pack that with you.  You can even wear it while you are on your way to your destination.  This will leave even more room in your suitcase.  Leggings are another piece of clothing that you can re-wear with different shirts or shorter dresses.  Think of the clothing pieces you have in your closet that you can wear with any outfit and bring it along!

Pack A Baggy Full Of Makeup

Take a sandwich baggy and use this to carry your makeup in.  Bring one form of face makeup, an eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss.  If you have liquid face makeup then you would pack that with one item to put it on your face with.  Bring a brush if you use loose powder makeup.  Believe me, this will lessen your amount that you would have to carry in your weekend bag.  Since you will have one color scheme for your clothes, this will help you pick out eyeshadow.  You can always match it to what you are wearing or possibly stick to the 4-square neutral colors that brands sell.

Forget The 40 Hair Products

Choose a style that you would like to have your hair and stick with it all weekend.  If you want a curly style, only bring your curling iron.  Flat iron your hair all weekend and you will only need that device.  Thinking ahead about how you will do your hair is very wise.  Plan out how much time you will have to fix your hair up and that might help you lighten the load on what you will need to make the style happen.  Gel and mousse can be brought, but that means the curling iron or flat iron should be left at home.  Usually when you apply gel or mousse you are going for the “scrunching” or “wavy” look.  There is no need to use up room in your bag for the electronics if you know you won’t be using them.  Shampoo is normally provided so you might just have to bring conditioner.  Hair dryers are often times supplied but I would advise you to bring one just in case.

If you haven’t noticed, you have to make a lot of choices in order to pack light.  “

Will I really need this?  Will I really need that?”

It is all about making decisions and going with them.  If you don’t want to lug around a huge suitcase on a 2 day trip then I suggest you start picking certain items to take.  There is no need for your entire makeup caboodle to be packed in your bag.  You need a few products for your hair and that’s it.  Clothes are important but bringing half of your closet is ridiculous.  Planning what you need for your trip ahead of time will keep you from bringing the bulky suitcase.  Pull out those sequin duffle bags and let them shine!

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