Teething, Drooling, Screaming… OH MY!

You hear cries and screams all night, there is drool all over your child’s face and they are gnawing on every item around them. Your child is teething and you feel so sad and frustrated for them. What should you do when your child is teething? What are ways to help them coax through this miserable pain?

Teething Baby

We’ve all been there, although by now we don’t remember the pain.  I could only imagine teething must be excruciating. Your teeth are breaking into your gums.  I think by that point babies may consider using whiskey or any alcohol product to numb the pain. You stock up on baby Orajel, baby Tylenol, and other products you think may assist them.  How can you as a parent cope with their pain? What to do in this terrible teething time?

Our first bit of advice: Stock up on sleep.
Nothing is worse then you facing this monster of a child.  I don’t care how adorable your child is they are a monster at this stage.  ( not by choice ) Nothing is worse than to be dealing with this situation on lack of sleep and energy.  I’ve found solace in freezing baby washcloths. My son has the comfort and ease of being able to move that easier through his mouth. There is nothing that you can’t do or can’t think of to try and help your child. Some are a little hesitant on giving their child alcohol like so many of parents did back in the day.  You could probably get your child taken away from you if you did that now-a-days.

All you can do is be patient with your child during this horrific teething stage. As each day concludes, that’s one day closer to all of their teeth growing in.  You are closer to the final stages of teething and you don’t even know it.  Of course, what comes with their teeth is biting, cavities, and possibly braces.  For now, just apply Orajel and love them as well as love a bottle of whiskey, for yourself.  Just kidding!

You have a couple of long ( very long months ) to go through during this teething period.
Stay strong!  All mothers are here to support you!

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