Stop Avoiding Social Situations Because Of Your Diet


Your friends all want to go out to a nice restaurant this weekend for dinner.  You are stressing out because you just started this new diet on Monday.  You’re doing really well with the new eating habits you have developed and feel like this dinner might just ruin your winning streak with food.  What happens if it completely throws you off course?

Should you stay in or should you go out and have a good time?

Dinner with your friends is a rare happening these days because all of your schedules usually conflict with one another.  This is finally the one evening that all ten of you can meet up.   You shouldn’t be avoiding social situations just because of your diet.  This is where you need to find your self control.  This has to kick in for you to stay on track but when piles of nachos are in your face it’s hard to do so.

You should:  Go out but make special arrangements.

Ask your friends if you can meet up at a place that serves the types of meals you can eat.  Check calories on menus that are listed online and choose a place that fits your dietary needs.  Make sure to control yourself by getting a simple salad or a bowl of steamed veggies instead of that full-of-fat Alfredo.  Plus, a smaller salad and a few glasses of water will save you some money!  You will be full and having a great time with your friends.  There is nothing better than that!

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