Skin Cancer… That’s Not What We Want

Sun kissed body filled with skin cancer? That’s not what we want, right?

tanning skin cancer image

We all want it. We want to be sun-kissed, freckled skin, and have a beautiful summer goddess look. After enduring harsh months of the winter, we eagerly await the months of summer so we can relax.  We want to do anything to achieve that incredible tan. Yes, some of us cheat and tan throughout the year. Do we really consider or think of what would happen if we got skin cancer? What are ways to prevent skin cancer? Is it something everyone can get?

It’s reported that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Americans. Nearly 2 million people are affected by skin cancer each and every year. So… why do we continue to do tan?  You see celebrities such as our favorite Jersey Cast crew with tanning beds in their houses or endorsing the ever popular, “GTL.” “GTL” simple means gym, tan, and laundry which is a daily routineof Jersey Shore’s messes.  Celebrities like Paris Hilton walk around looking like a tall, orange Oompa Loopma.  What kind of image does this promote? Should we suggest tanning to younger teens that look up to these celebrities?
Which one is worse:  Tanning naturally in the summer sun or sweating in a tanning bed for 20 minutes.

It seems that today that without the proper shade, sunscreen, and other UV ray preventions tools, you may be targeted by that big bright sun. If you end up getting one skin blister or one sun spot in the summer months, you might be at risk for skin cancer.  If the spots or blisters occur more than once you are two times more than likely to get that dreaded Melanoma crap. Be cautious. You should always drink plenty of water, wear sun glasses, wide-brim hats, and constantly reapply sunscreen.

I know that new Louis Vutton leather bags look fabulous but we would hate to see that leather on you. Protect yourself now, because although being tan looks great, over the years, looks fade and leather stays. We don’t want your skin to be the next leather product.

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