Should You Wear Jewelry Given to You by an Ex-Boyfriend?

Hand Holding a Heart NecklaceLet’s face it, ladies, sometimes gifts far outlive your relationship with the giver, and you’re left holding that gorgeous necklace or bracelet that he gave you for Christmas, wondering, as women have wondered since time immemorial, is it acceptable to wear jewelry or other items given to you by an ex-boyfriend?  Will it scare off other guys, making them think that you’re not over your ex?  Is it weird to still want to wear jewelry given to you by an ex-boyfriend?  Or, alternatively, if you’re still nursing a broken heart, will I ever be able to wear these items again without being reminded of him?

In the immediate aftermath of a breakup, wearing items given to you by an ex may be painful.  If the relationship ended badly, you may even be tempted to chuck everything that he gave you into the trash.  After a breakup, I would recommend taking everything that he gave you, or even items that remind you of him, putting them in a box, and placing the box on a high shelf somewhere where you don’t have to see it every day.  In the immediate aftermath, you’re likely to throw away items that you may later wish you had kept.  There’s no set time limit for how long you should leave your ex’s gifts in the box—don’t look at them until the sting of your breakup has faded, and you’re ready to make decisions about these items unencumbered by the memory of your painful split.A Woman Looking Thoughtful

Certain items such as wedding, promise and engagement rings should most likely never be worn again in their present form.  Many jewelry stores and companies will be happy to remake your engagement and wedding rings into a pair of earrings or a pendant.  The only exception to the never-wear-these-items again rule is promise rings.  These are less recognizable than most engagement or wedding rings, and can also be less fraught with meaning.  Whether you want to wear a promise ring again or not is, of course, entirely up to you.

Personalized items, like that great shirt that you had emblazoned with a picture of the two of you kissing, should probably never be worn again.  Whether or not you also want to toss them is up to you.

Generic items—jewelry, scarves, ect.—can be worn again as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.  Even if you’re weirded out by the thought of wearing gifts from an ex, you may still want to keep them.  And you never know—five years from now you may barely remember the guy’s name, let along what gifts he gave you.

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