Reese Gets Ran Into While Running

Our precious, Southern Belle, Reese Witherspoon was struck by a Grandma the other day while Jogging. Is this World safe? Apparently not, with people almost prehistoric in Age behind the wheel. The driver was 84 years old and struck the actress on Wednesday after failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Thank God, the driver wasn’t speeding or driving too fast, the Reports say the Woman was driving at 20 mph. But being hit by a Car is both painful to your body and your ego. Witherspoon is home, recovering. She was not critically injured and was released from the Hospital the same day, but Witherspoon’s rep told People she is “resting comfortable at home.”

Since the accident, we’ve found out that the Driver is reported to take another test, but Reese is not pressing any charges. Isn’t she sweet?!

We sure hope that this Woman doesn’t hit anyone else, or better yet, rely on the Bus as transportation for a while. We’re glad that Reese is OK. We can’t or couldn’t imagine her being hurt to where she can’t be in movies anymore, she’s one of our all-time favorites. All of our love and hope sent to Reese!

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