One Easy Way To Save Money

saving money

Saving money.  That phrase usually doesn’t fit in with girls’ agendas.  Think about all of the things we need: new clothes, nails, and our monthly highlights in our hair.  Then you have the dinner dates with friends three times a week and makeup.  It’s not just any makeup, though.  We need the MAC and the SmashBox makeup.  Now, if you know anything about those brands you know they are not the cheapest.  These brands work the best to “fix your face” so they are must haves.

Here is one perfect way that you can save your money:
Don’t spend any for two weeks.

Challenge yourself and your credit card.  Find ways to have fun without spending any money.  Eat the food that you already have in the house so you don’t have to eat out.  Your makeup and clothes won’t run out for those two weeks which means there is no need to buy any more.  There are two things that you might need to pay for which is rent and groceries.  If you need to go somewhere *that doesn’t cost money* then you will need some gas.  Other than that, there should be no money spent.  I assure you that you will be relieved when you see those extra bucks in your bank account.

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