Live How You Want To Live

LIVE YOUR LIFEThe biggest risk you will take in your life is going out and pursuing your own dreams.  Living the way you want to live sounds easy but it is one of the biggest challenges you will ever face.  See, the influences in your life are great.  You will always need guidance from your family and friends but it all comes down to one person’s final decision… YOURS. You are the only person who can make up your mind based upon your feelings.

choosing a college

Education is important *and also expensive* so you need to make wise decisions when choosing the college you want to go to.  Makes lists of pros, cons, and expenses of each university you are thinking about applying for.  No one lives your life after college except for you.  Just because your friends or boyfriend want to attend a certain university doesn’t mean that you need to tag along when you know it is not the right place for you.  College might not even be a chapter in your life that you want to open.

Beauty School

It is great if you want to pursue a career or a life without going to college.  Beauty schools are an awesome choice.  Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and choose the path your want to drive on.  There is nothing wrong with going to a trade school or a nursing school for a year or two.  If that is what you want to do, then do it.  No one is stopping you but yourself.

moving image

If you want to move to another state, no one is holding you back.  Start being aware of what you want out of life.  You might never truly know what you want until you are a million years old but now is a good time to start thinking.  You might see your life going in a whole different direction from where other people see it.  Your friends and family will have to deal with the decision that you make.  You will also have to deal with being away from home if you choose that route.  Life isn’t easy but it always pans out the way you want it to if you stay strong and work hard.

From the color you dye your hair to the shoes you wear on your feet, you are the one with the last word.  Start making life goals and get out there to live the life you want.

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