Let Him Unwrap You

You and your boyfriend are on a date.  He can’t keep his eyes off of you.  Holding your hand and playing footsie under the table is just the beginning to what is going to happen tonight.  You eat your dinner, drink the rest of the wine, and go home.  He can not keep his hands off of you and you love every second of it.  Both of you anxious to get into that bed but when he comes out of the bathroom his smile turns into a frown.  “What’s wrong,” you ask him.  You’re wondering what the hell you did to ruin this moment.  One minute you are both thinking about whipped cream and strawberries and then all of a sudden it seems like you turned him off.  What the eff?


He sits down and actually says what is on his mind.  He tells you that he wanted to be the one to undress you.  Seeing you in your sexy clothes is a turn on.  To be able to take them off of you is an even bigger turn on.  He was expecting to come out of the bathroom and just rip those tight jeans off of you like an animal.  Unleashing the beast-side of him is what his intentions were.  He was excited to get a little rowdy and strip you down but to his surprise you already did that for him.  It took all of the fun away.

couple making out

Let your man unwrap you. In return, you can undress him, too.  The sexual attraction that you have been building on night will only get stronger if you allow each other to “cross-undress.”  It is a great way to keep the relationship hot and steamy.  Especially if you have never tried this before, it is definitely a winner!  Try unwrapping each other in all different places of the house.  Who knows… maybe you will start in the car and make it even more crazy!


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