Jeggings For Joy

Have you wanted tighter pants without being fashion forward? Then look no further than Jeggings. Yes, that’s right. They are leggings to resemble jeans, Jeggings. I know, too clever! We would have probably called them jights, but that’s just us! Celebs all over including fashion icons like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, and more are all indulging big in this tight, little fabric.

This Jegging craze has became so big there is even a site saying the word is being inducted into the Oxford English Dictionary. How spectacular! And how fashionable this new trend is! You can wear jeggings in so many different ways, with so many different styles, outfits, anything.

You can wear Jeggings while working out, under a comfortable T-shirt, on a night out on the town, however you want to rock it!They are simple denim in a tighter version then the normal skinny jean. I love them, they are so comfortable! You can buy them practically anywhere. But we do recommend, as we would recommend for any type of clothing, that make sure you try them on first prior to purchase and see if they suit you. Skinny Jeans, and in particular the Jeggings, may not be for you. And not like there is anything wrong with that, if they just don’t flatter you, then don’t waste your money honey!

Jeggings come in all different colors, washes, and sizes. We’ve noticed that Jeggings are made and do come longer then usual. So, if you are petite or shorter, you might want to go a size smaller than you usually wear. Or maybe, take a pair of heels with you to try them on when you are wearing that type of shoe. They have dark washes, which slim you (extra bonus), light wash, faded, everything. I foresee these becoming a greater trend with the years too come! The biggest reason we love the Jegging is they are so versatile. You can wear them during the day doing light errands or shopping or even pair them with a cardigan, button-up tee or some attire more proper to work. Since they have the denim feel, you do not need any protective clothing to cover your tushy if you were just wearing the legging.

Between the Battle of Jegging vs Legging it seems like Leggings are lagging! Jump for Jeggings! Hooray!


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