I’m Expecting… Wow! This Is Unexpected.

What are you to do if you are pregnant and it wasn’t intentional?  Your palms are clammy. Your pacing back and forth in your bathroom. You’ve been feeling god awful for the last few weeks. You’re panicking. What if? Could I be? What if I’m pregnant? I wasn’t expecting this to happen. This was not intentional at all. You think to yourself, who could possibly be the father. Or, you’re thinking, I’ve told my boyfriend before to wear a Condom. You are thinking there is nothing you can do, or what steps should you do, what would be the best step for you to do. What should you do if your Pregnant? Will you be O.K.?

Okay, well, first thing first, you must breathe. Many of us have regular sex not thinking we have an irregular cycle. A lot of us have sex without protection and do not think we will get pregnant. We think we are all invincible. Well I’m sure I’m not the first and more than likely will not be the last to say, you will get pregnant. With you finding out you are expecting a little one, you do not know how to feel? Who should you tell? You think, what route should I take? It’s inevitable; you can either keep the baby, give the little one up for Adoption, or have an Abortion. Of course, with having an Abortion, you will receive a lot of ridicule and opinion from anyone and everyone you may tell. But in the end; you do what’s best for you, right?

Science has proved it, our families have tried to prove it, and I myself can prove it. If you have sex long enough, especially sex that is unprotected, you may at some point get pregnant. And it’s a very scary thought. You may have only known the guy for 3 months and in a second, your whole life is changed. You may have been married to him for years. You may have met him last night at Hooters, and then after feeling nauseous and like a Royal B—- for a few weeks, you see those two pink strips appear. “What am I going to do for the rest of my life?” You can’t even possibly imagine being a Mom and enduring everything that comes with it. You are researching the Pros and Cons of each outcome and every route. You reevaluate yourself and your love life and try to picture your life and how it could be. Now we are not promoting or pressuring you to keep the child, to each it’s own, but we do say if you want to expect a child, then plan for it. If you are not expecting or wanting a child, you shouldn’t have unexpected sex without a back up plan or some kind of contraceptive. Please do the research. You can get a shot, birth control pills, condoms, you name it, it is available. We’d hate for you to be all liquored up, hook up sober, any sex at any time with someone, get pregnant unexpectedly and think it’s the end of the world. Before the next time you want to hook up with someone make sure you’re safe and it’s protected…

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