How to Prevent Split Ends

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Split ends are a girl’s ultimate hair nightmare.  There is no way to remove split ends apart from cutting your hair and, while there is no way to guarantee that split ends will never develop, here is a list of tips on how to avoid them.Woman Getting a Haircut

1.  Get your hair cut regularly by a professional. Using dull scissors to cut your hair on your own actually causes split ends.

2.  Don’t use overly heavy or alcohol-based styling products.

3.  Avoid excessive heat.

4.  Use a moisturizing shampoo and rinse-out conditioner.

5.  Rinse your hair with cool water while in the shower.

6.  When brushing, don’t start from the head and go to the ends, particularly if your hair is tangled.  Starting from a short ways above the ends of your hair, brush downwards in order to remove the tangles.  Repeat this Woman Brushing Hair Photoprocess, starting a little bit further up each time until a majority of the tangles are removed.  Then you can brush your hair from the head to the ends.


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  1. Mila says:

    nice tips, thank you for all the information, it’s very useful, I bought a hair product that prevents split ends and has worked pretty good, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector. 😛

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