He Always Talks About His Ex’s

You start dating this guy.  He is totally amazing and you really see a future with him.  Of course, there is always that one thing.  You can never get by without having that one thing you just can’t deal with.  Should you tell him?  Do you let it go?  What would you do if your new boyfriend kept talking about his ex-girlfriends?


The crazy thing about this whole situation is that he never compares you to her.  You don’t feel like you should say anything since he really isn’t being mean but you can’t stand that he always beings her up.  All he does is tell you about the trips that they took and how much fun they had.  Then he will throw in how great of a time he had when you guys went to the beach 2 weeks ago.  How can you get mad at him when he is simply stating that he had a fun vacation.

Its not the story about the vacation you are getting irritated with.  It is who the story is about.  It’s making you uncomfortable hearing about his ex.  Sometimes you don’t even want to talk to him because he always brings up something little about her.  How do you tell him you really don’t want to hear his stories about Christmas last year?

Does this mean he is still into her?

No… It doesn’t really mean anything other than he has nothing else to talk about.  He was with this girl for five years and she just so happens to be brought up in every topic you guys talk about.  Even though that is the case, you need to explain how you feel.  Communication is key.  This is something that is bothering you so you must let him know.  Leaving your boyfriend memories in the past was hard for you to do so you completely understand.  That doesn’t make it all right for him to continue to talk about her.  Say something.

Your built up irritation will only get worse and then you will end up losing him.  Losing him will then be your fault because you didn’t make it known to him that you were a little frustrated.  If he doesn’t get it, then you will need to break up with him anyway.  Try and work it out first.  You have nothing to lose… except him.  It might be worth it, though.  You can’t stand what he is doing but he won’t stop.  You shouldn’t want to be with him, anyway.


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