Girl Advice On Menstrual Cramps

Here comes that dreaded time. The time that every female does not want to deal with and hates.  Sometimes I believe even their male counterpart hating it even more. The whole week you are uncomfortable because you suffer from bloating, aching, and those disgusting menstrual cramps. What are the tools and secrets to help dissolve the pain? Are there certain foods or remedies to help alleviate the pain of menstrual cramps?

Menstral Cramps

Now, everyone is different. Some women are survivors and warriors and can suffer pain to any extremity or length of pain,  prick our finger and we are crying for Hours. Preparing for this week long “Vacation,” if you will, you load up on your goodies and necessities; Ice Cream, Chocolate, or a favorite sweet of yours to help cure the pain, but is that the only sweet remedy? We’ve tried, searched, and looked up hundreds of different methods, we’ve collected our favorites and wanted to share them with you!

1) Heat!  Load up on heating pads, heat stones, a hot bubble bath with candles and soft music.
Bubble Bath Mentral Cramps

The heat will relax and calm your muscles. When your body gets cold it is more susceptible to contract or spasm sending your menstrual cramps into overload. Moist heat can lessen the severity. Benefit: you can truly relax overall; interior and exterior!

2) The second best method you should do (but probably will hate while doing it) is to work out.

Working Out image

Work up a sweat. The reasoning behind this is that running will help release endorphins. Endorphins are our body’s natural painkiller. If you can beat the pain and discomfort you have got to get out there You should be trying to work out even prior to your Menstrual week. That will help reduce the stress and pain that would come.

3) Live the herbal life.  Enjoy some vitamins while you’re at it, too.

Vitamins Menstral Cramps

Herbs are totally in and so are vitamins. Many of us have been given vitamins every morning from our parents since we were young. Now that we are mature adults, (in some cases), we are actually too busy to take them.   Vitamins are totally in. You could utilize and use these various home remedies:

Magnesium, Yarrow and Fenugreek, Basil, Cinnamon

All of these can help produce progesterone which will cause your insides (and we won’t get into specifics) thicken, which makes your body relax and you in not as much pain.

4) IbuProfen, Tylenol, or Aspirin.  Pretty much any pill that says “Menstrual Relief.”

menstrual relief medicine


Just remember, this is only temporarily. You will be O.K. after a few short days. If you are hard at handling the pain, just ly in bed, relax, watch movies, and laugh.  Pretty soon you will be back to your fierce, bad self!

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