Get Up And Get Going

Who really wants to get out of bed?  No one, really.  I actually enjoy waking up at 6 a.m. every day.  Then again, I have a child so my body is kind of used to it.  It’s amazing how much better you feel when you actually get up and get going.  It’s like you finally realize that you have a purpose in life.  I mean, everyone has a purpose but they just don’t know it sometimes.  My purpose is my job, boyfriend, and child.  Find your motivation and your fuel to get up and get going.

girl in bed

When you wake up, find your fuel.  Get to stepping with a cup of coffee or tea.  Maybe it’s just a glass of water that gives you that umph in the morning.  Whatever it is… do it!  You will want to rise and shine all the time knowing that you are going to wake up to something you love.  Let the fuel be your motivation to get your butt out of bed.

Feeling lively is always a plus.  Get a shower and get yourself ready for the day.  Even if you don’t have anything planned you can still get dolled up.  If you like putting on makeup then that is what you should do.  It doesn’t matter if you work from home or watch T.V. every Saturday.  Get yourself presentable and you will feel great.  It will actually make you want to get up and get going.  Don’t hesitate to fix that weave of yours, either.  Styling your hair is never a bad idea.  I would actually fix my hair up before putting on my makeup.  Everyone has natural beauty but your hair is another story!


Choose a nice outfit to throw on when you know you are going to walk out the door.  Pick a cute little dress or the new outfit you have been dying to wear.  Sometimes I always say that I am saving that outfit for something.  Maybe 10 more pounds of weight loss or possibly a date.  QUIT SAVING AND START WEARING.  You have got nothing to lose.  That outfit will end up hanging in your closet for a long time without it ever being worn.  Then you will throw it in the Good Will box 3 years later.  Wear your stuff!  Let the clothes be a part of your motivation to get up and get out.  You can always throw on a nice outfit even when you make dinner for yourself and others in your own home.


My child is my reason to get up and out of bed each morning.  I love waking up to my boyfriend and getting ready with him, too.  Making breakfast for my cute little family is all I need to do in the mornings.  Sleeping in isn’t on my schedule anymore and I absolutely love it.  Going to sleep early helps me to wake up as well.  That is probably an obvious way to keep yourself waking up early, though.  When my baby goes to sleep, we fall a sleep too!  Cooper is the best thing that has happened to us for every reason possible.


Find the things in your life that will help you wake up and be more energetic.  You might not like your job so you should find things that you love to keep you occupied before and after the work day.  Even if it’s just that small cup of coffee…

Stay positive and motivated!

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