Get Creative With Your Everyday Routine

Living a boring life?


Get creative with what you already have going on.

Here is how you can put a little spice in your every day routine:



Brighten up your morning with a different approach to breakfast.  Don’t reach for that lousy granola bar any more.  Make some eggs and grease up the kitchen with bacon.  While you’re at it, mix up some Bisquick and grab the food coloring.  Create a rainbow pancake stack and dig into an array of colors.  Your day will be full of positive energy just from switching up your breakfast with a little creativity.


You walk every day but you are sick and tired of the same routine.  Well, get creative and take a different path.  Instead of going around the block, you need to choose another direction.  Try walking to the end of the road and back.  Going back and forth would get rid of your old circling route.  Creating a new walking path will also help you see your neighborhood in a different direction.  Even turning around an walking the other way will let you see things in your neighborhood that you haven’t seen before.



Every one has their own specific genre of music that they like to listen to.  Why not turn to a different one?  Maybe you should even start to mess around and create your own music.  If you have a MAC computer you can use Garage Band to create your own music.  Making a new genre that consists of country and rock music could be kind of cool.  There are other software programs that are able to be bought for any computer which will help you create new music.  Tired of listening to the same songs over and over again on your iTunes playlists?  Get Spotify.  It is just like iTunes only you don’t have to pay for the music.  Switch up your taste and listen to other types of music.  Classical always makes me feel motivated so maybe you could try that.  With Spotify, you can find any song, band and genre you would like to listen to.  The one problem you will run into is that you can not download the music or save it to your computer.  This will help you mix up your music!


You don’t have to switch up much in your life to make it different.  Start thinking with your creative side and you will be able to see things in life that you haven’t been able to.  Great energy will come from this and you will have a different lifestyle just from a small change.

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