Fifteen Signs that Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

Below is a list of fifteen signs that your boyfriend is a keeper.  Assuming that you’ve ever been in a relationship before, most of us know what a bad relationship, or a bad boyfriend, looks like.  But what exactly constitutes a good relationship or, to put it another way, how do you know that he is the One?A Coupt Cuddling

1.  If you tell him that there is a problem in the relationship, he attempts to fix it.

2.  He’s nice to your family.

3.  He’ll cook you a meal, do the dishes, or do the laundry on a regular basis.

4.  He respects your opinions, even when he disagrees.

5.  He does not consistently place spending time with his friends above spending time with you.

6.  If he either has or loves your pet.  Extra points if he has a dog or a cat, and negative points if he has a snake.

7.  He enjoys sleeping with you even when sex is not involved.

8.  He likes making you happy.

9.  He actually makes you happy, and is the first person that you want to turn to when you’re either happy or sad.

10.  He’ll go to places or do activities with you that he isn’t thrilled about, but know that you’ll really enjoy.

A Man and a Woman Talking11.  He gives thoughtful gifts.  Thoughtful earns points over expensive, because it shows that he’s put a lot of care into the gift.

12.  You have the same views about what is important in life, and about either starting or not starting a family.  (Or, even if your views diverge slightly, you’re both okay with it when you disagree.)

13.  He is dependable, trustworthy and honest.  When he makes you a promise or says that he’ll meet you somewhere, he either keeps it or has a damn good reason why he couldn’t.  (And, in the latter case, he tries to make it up to you).

14.  He is willing to talk about things that make him uncomfortable, or to confide in you about problems that he is having.

15.  On occasion, he likes to surprise you, or does something that is unexpected and nice.

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2 Responses to “Fifteen Signs that Your Boyfriend is a Keeper”
  1. sasha says:

    that’s really nice i wish my ex boyfriend had treated me better but well i guess life still goes on there are things i don’t still understand about him. I guess i tolerated so much and didn’t realize that i deserved much more. I guess i am just sad that i was in a relationship with him when i was honest, sincere, beautiful, truthful and straight forward.

    • Logic says:

      Oh Sasha, lend me your ears. Or eyes. Whatever. How do you know that you were completely sincere, beautiful, truthful and straight forward? Isn’t there even a sliver of a chance that you may have done some things to antagonize your Ex, and maybe that’s why he didn’t want to dote his undivided attention on you? It baffles my mind when sappy, weak women whine and complain when their boyfriends are not the perfect replica of the idealized mate Disney burned into your skull. If you’re not happy, leave. There is absolutely no reason to bitch that you, oh how did you put it… “tolerated so much and I didn’t realize that I deserved much more.” Did he beat the everlasting fuck out of you? Did he lock you in a closet so you couldn’t escape? Did he cut you off from your friends and family so you had no one to confide in? If you answered no to the aforementioned questions, I suggest you chug down on a big bottle of grow the fuck up. You chose to stay in the relationship. That is no ones fault but your own. OWN IT. Just remember, the common denominator in all of your failed relationships is you. You get what you give, cupcake.

      – A female that has a realistic view of life.

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