Elizabeth Banks Acts Out Against Heart Disease

Elizabeth Banks Heart Disease

Elizabeth Banks, an Emmy-nominated veteran of television and film, is speaking–and acting–out against heart disease. In “Just a Little Heart Attack,” a short film released by Go Red for Women, Banks articulates a powerful message to women throughout America, making them conscious about their risk for heart disease and encouraging them to think carefully about their health.

In “Just a Little Heart Attack,” Banks portrays a busy mother fulfilling the daily demands her family’s needs: from fixing breakfast to folding the laundry. Before she can leave her house to head to work, she can barely maintain her balance as she casts aside the symptoms of an imminent heart attack.

“As women, we take care of everyone in our lives: our husbands, our kids, our mothers, our fathers, but we never look at ourselves,” Banks comments. “So this little film is about a super mom who takes care of everyone except herself and learns the lesson that she better look at herself, as well.”

The script was conceived by Hollywood screenwriter Kate Kondell, who, upon visiting GoRedForWomen.org, read a series of stories about real women whose lives had been stricken with heart disease. An even starker reality? Statistics show that one in three American women suffers from heart disease, but only one in five believes she’s at risk.

Go Red for Women, among countless other organizations fighting heart disease, is on a mission to spread awareness about the most common killer of American women. To do your part, educate yourself (and, ultimately, others) at Facebook.com/GoRed.


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