Climb Out Of Debt

Money has you down and you can’t seem to get of of the hole of debt.


Unfortunately, it is very easy to go into debt now-a-days.  You have student loans, credit cards, house payments, etc.  No matter how well you keep track of your payments, you just don’t have enough money to fit the budget.  Collectors are calling.  Notices are being taped to your door.  Constantly hiding from your debt is making you crazy.  It is not a good way to live.

We need to fix this!

You must go out and get money any way you can.  O.K.  Any reasonable way.  No porn.  No prostitution.  No selling drugs.  You need to think of ideal ways to make money that won’t ruin your reputation or get you arrested.  There are several “jobs” out there that you can do to make a quick buck to save your sanity.

Focus Groups


Focus groups are not only helpful to those doing the research but tehy are actually helpful to you.  Sometimes you can earn $100 per focus group.  These gatherings are meant for research and study programs.  You can also learn things about yourself from them.  You could buy a product that you always though you wanted but then find out you don’t like it.  Going to a focus group about it can help you learn more about the product.  Maybe you will come out actually knowing more about it and start liking it again.  State your opinion and get $100.  Sounds pretty easy to me.  Sitting there for 1 or 2 hours just to put money in your pocket is awesome!

House Cleaning

cleaning house

Email all of your friends and let them know you are in a tight squeeze.  Offer them a good price to clean their entire house.  Even throw the laundry in for them if they leave you quarters.  (If you don’t need quarters, raise the price of cleaning!)  You can clean and organize their whole house once a month for $50 – $100 dollars.   You are slowly climbing out of debt and they are satisfied with the cleanliness of their place plus they saved a ton of money from not hiring a maid.

Using Your Expertise


You can’t find a job but a job could find you.  Post on Craigslist all of the skills that you can offer and have people come to you for your services.  Do not put a price in the ad.  Go by what they are willing to pay after contacting them.  Try and negotiate for $5 more than they’re asking price.  It’s only a small amount but it will definitely matter to you in the end.  For $5 more dollars, they probably won’t fight you on the price.  It will definitely benefit you in the long run to bank in those few extra dollars.

See?  There is no need to panic because if there is a will then there is a way.  You might not climb out of debt as fast as you would like to but this will save you a little bit until you get a good job.  Always keep your head up and never stop trying.  If you sit and dwell on the fact that you are in debt, it will never go away.

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