Should You Bring Your Child To Therapy?

You fight and argue to your spouse to the point you are contemplating that dreaded ‘D’ word.

You realize Divorce may not be for your family and you want to work it out. You consider Couples Therapy as your last straw. If this doesn’t work, if this therapist your paying $300.00 a session doesn’t work, nothing will. You give it one last shot. You then, stop and wonder, if my child has heard all of our fighting, should I take them to therapy? You outweigh the pros and cons of taking a child. But in the end, is it all worth it?

Your child has already witnessed the verbal abuse, physical abuse (hopefully, not at all, or often), mental abuse. They’ve seen it. They’ve seen their father storm out of the house and their mother crying on the couch. They ask Mommy if Daddy is coming back, Mom wipes her terars and tells them they will and everything will be OK. As a prent, if your child has already seen so much, they should be able to see you two heal your relationship and the child could be mature enough to attend a therapy session.

If you and your Spouse have been fighting a lot during their neurological growth period – according to doctors its 1 to 8 years of age, then they may be able to go to Therapy. Of course, if you took a three year old that wouldn’t be as satisfying or as helpful as taking an eight year old. A eight year old can understand how you two feel and possibly be taught to handle the situation.

The best thing you can do if you do want to invite your Child into your Divorce and/or Counseling is just reassure the Child the divorce is not their fault. Reassure the Child his or her happiness as well as your family will be happy. Send the Child to individual therapy if their behavior turns for the worse. It will always work out for the best. Sometimes Divorce makes a family more together than before.


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