What Does Your Kid Learn When You’re Not Around?

School is beginning soon.  You cant help but wonder what they are really learning? What do kids hear and really take in from their teachers, friends, and peers? What do you do if your child has bad influences or learns horrible, rude behavior? What do you do as a parent if your child comes home with a ‘D’ on a Test and a ‘A’ in bad language? What if your child starts falling far and going down a bad track?

Face it.  We’ve all been there and done that but do we want our children doing it? As each decade and generation passes, children get worse and worse. We had the kids of the 70’s on drugs with peace, love, and harmony.  The children of the 80’s experimenting and falling into the rock band scene.  Don’t forget about those people in the 90’s streaming Tupac vs Notorious BIG. As each decade passes, our children are being influenced by the new trend. The new “it” fashion and items. Life is evolving every minute. Our children see all different kinds of people, hear all different kinds of music, have so many influences in their life; how can you really protect them without being called “Annoying, a idiot,” or possibly anything they could come up with. What if you had a perfect polished child then they come from school cursing, screaming, fighting, and completely different then you had raised.

Should you push and fight your child to be the perfect kid.  What ground rules should you lay down? If you keep pushing your child to be one way they sometimes end up going in the opposite direction.  Sometimes you show them so much love that they feel smothered.  These kids now a days find solace and love in their friends because they believe they are their everything. For a majority of teens today, they see love in their boyfriend they date for 3.5 seconds or their friends and then find their parents to be piggy banks. If your child starts acting different, for whatever reason, you should act aggressively, but respectful, and maybe just talk to them. Find out what is wrong with your child and help him/her resolve the issue. Nothing is to wrong or hard to handle. We just hope you handle the situation before things go so wrong it can never be fixed. If there is any track your child should be on it is the pavement track. Involve your child in sports, fill their life with love and discipline, and pretty soon they’ll be on the track to success!

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