A Review of ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro

The Front Cover of Never Let Me GoNever Let Me Go is a stunning and thought-provoking novel by Kazuo Ishiquro set in an alternate reality that revolves around the lives of three friends:  Ruth, Kathy and Tommy.  It is told from Kathy’s point of view, and follows the main characters, first when they are students at an exclusive boarding school, to adulthood.  As the novel progresses, we learn an unfortunate truth that their world would love to forget:  Ruth, Kathy and Tommy are all clones, created only so that their organs can be harvested and then implanted in ‘natural’ humans.  Subsequently turned into a full-length feature film featuring Carey Mulligan as Kathy, Andrew Garfield as Tommy and Keira Knightley as Ruth, Never Let Me Go explores issues of morality, friendship, loss and betrayal, ultimately forcing us to confront questions of what, exactly, makes us human?



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