A Review of Eileen Goudge’s ‘Once in a Blue Moon’

Once in a Blue Moon details the reunion of two sisters separated during childhood by their mother’s incarceration and death, two sisters who have led very different lives—one, a recovering drug-addict struggling to regain custody of her little girl, and the other a bookstore owner who faces losing her home and business due to a development group’s interest in her properties—who have come together in order to face their respective battles as the family that they once were.  Resentments and misunderstandings give way to support and unconditional love as Lindsay and her little sister Kerrie Ann learn to rely upon both one another and two handsome men who have recently entered their lives in this wonderfully-woven tale of family ties, romance and redemption.

The Front Cover of Once in a Blue Moon, featuring the author's name and the title superimposed over a woman in a blue dress

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