911 Tribute

Well, today is the Day. This is the day that will always touch us in a wrong way; a sad way, an angry way, a hurtful way. This is the day all of us will treasure one another a little more, be a little more accepting and appreciative of one another, this is the day we will all stop and love a little more. September 11th will forever be a day all of us will remember, never forget, and never stop talking about. It’s September 11th and it’s the ten year Anniversary of the horrific Tragedy. For the millions of millions of American’s who were there, had access to a Phone or television, had either seen or heard of this Tragic Accident, this is the day we will mourn and remember.


We will always know where we were on that fateful day. Thinking of 9/11, I instantly remember the place I was, who I was with, the feelings I had, the clothes I wore. Everything and Anything. I myself, was sitting in my Social Studies class. I go inside the room, late of course, but nonetheless, walk in with my head held high to see every other students’ head hanging so low. Students were crying in the classroom, I heard screaming from the room next door and instantly felt fear and fright from everyone around. Our teacher was broadcasting the live coverage of the Attacks on the Television and all of us had froze in our seats. Living in Maryland, a few of my classmates had family working at the Twin Towers. We were all released that day around noon and were scarred for the next week. Horrific, unannounced, unexpected tragedies don’t happen too often. This was a huge blow to our hearts, our families, our mind frames and our egos. It was a day that will go in History for the rest of Life to come. The attacks couldn’t have helped making Americans and the General population appreciate one another more. Today is the day you have to Pay it forward. Do it for the Families who lost one in the Attacks, for the Troops fighting for us and our Safety, and for your peace of mind.


The Terrorists controlling the Airplanes hitting the Twin Towers. making them fall to the ground will never be forgotten, never realize how much pain and tears they caused, or ever be forgiven. This was the worst case of Terrorism we’ve ever seen in our Lives. We are now left with nothing. No Twin Towers. No happiness. No nothing. Bless the Families that lost loved ones, Bless the People who saved Lost ones, and bless everyone who had suffered. May God bless all of you, and especially our Incredible Troops. For if it was not for you, I don’t think many of us would have Hope.


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