5 Stress Relief Tools In Pregnancy

Had a long day at the Office? Stressed over what to do before Pregnancy? Feeling too much stress before the birth? Need some relief through Exercise? Exercise is the best stress reliever because of the Endorphins, and for many reasons we won’t get into tonight. We are here to share our best stress relievers during our pregnancy! We hope they can do some good for you!


  1. Meditation and/or Yoga
    • Get for your breathing, your nervous system, your body and improves your Posture.
  2. Swimming
    • Don’t do this to hard – in case you’d pull something
    • Nice and relaxing and easy to do with the Bowling Ball in your Tummy
  3. Get a Massage
    • A great tool to involved your Hubby and feel better all in the same time
  4. Drink Hot Tea
    • Tasty, warm, and Relaxing. Best idea to relax your mind after a long day!
  5. Treat yourself to a Nice Book, wonderful CD, etc



2 Responses to “5 Stress Relief Tools In Pregnancy”
  1. brett says:

    massage!! and foot massages. oh wait. that’s massages again.

    and i highly recommend NOT house hunting on a strict budget when pregnant LOL

  2. Payal Bansal says:

    When everyone keeps giving you tips on diet diet and diet… your post is like a relieve for all the pregnant women out there (Y)

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