5 Stress Busters That Don’t Include Eating Your Feelings

Hey Ladies!  Ever been crying on the couch asking yourself, ‘What did I do wrong?’  When you look down to see 5 candy bar wrappers, a 2 liter of soda, and an ice cream tub completely empty? Well, besides maybe the argument or fight you just went through, what you are doing wrong is eating your feelings!

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We’ve all had that horrible, depressing day where we wanted nothing more than to eat our feelings. We race to the grocery store or our fridge after that terrible fight with our friend, our boyfriend, parent, or boss, and think if I just eat all of my feelings will disappear. “After I devour this Ben and Jerry’s my pain will fade into the background,” you tell yourself just to make you feel better. But, that’s not always the case, sometimes its better to handle the situation in a more positive way than eating your feelings. Because eating your feelings may add on to your moutain of stress.. Or your pant size.


Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all been there. Every time I fought my boyfriend when I was a teen I went to the junk drawer. I would break up with Joey and date Oreos for the night. Sometimes cheating on Oreo’s with Chips Ahoy. We suggest, as survivors of Emotional Eaters,’ that you should think before acting, buying, and/or eating especially in stressful situations. When you are sad, angry, mad, or depressed, you try to find some happiness in foods. Whether it is Junk Food; Ice Cream, Chocolates, or Sweets, Chips, or salty foods. It’s biological and the feeling is built into all of us. If you are as Skinny as a Victoria Secret’s Model or as full figured and fabulous like Marilyn Monroe, we all have that feeling inside of us to turn to these foods. If you’ve associated these foods with feelings, you are giving in to the Emotional Eater Monster inside of you. We’ve came up with the five best stress busters you should try instead of eating… If you find that you must turn to eating, at least, try, try to eat healthy.

Laugh; hysterically, side-splitting laugh

We will say, as an example, you are sad because you had just got in a fight with your boyfriend. You two are screaming at one another over whatever the reason may be, he storms out. You chase after him. It’s all a mess. You want to do nothing but replay sad sappy songs, cry, and eat. Stop. That’s not good for you. You need to get your mind off things. You should call one of your best girlfriends and talk. Make sure she’s a comedian and just laugh. Get your mind off the fight. Once he and you have calmed down then you guys can talk, but you cannot think or talk to him a minute sooner.


As we’ve mentioned in our previous Health Articles, there is nothing more we love or promote than working out. Especially when you’re stressed! The endorphins and high you’ll receive from working           out, is a much better, healthier way to getting over your sadness or loss. And of course, makes you look much better in the end. So that could at least make you happier!

Do something fun for you

Anything you may find fun, whether it is playing Video Games, Kinect, Reading a book, watching a movie, painting your nails, shopping, drawing, dancing, painting, or simply reading My10Online.           (Go My10!) You can find something that calms your nerves, relaxes you, and makes you smile.
Relax via a nice Warm Shower or Bubble Bath

We think that’s self explanatory! But for an added boost, whip out the bubbles and a great CD. Some of our recommendations; Adele, Beyonce, Mariah Carey.

And finally, just breathe and tell yourself it will all be OK

There is nothing you can really do to prevent a stressful day. Your boss can have a bad day and take it out on you, a parent, a friend, or even a Partner can take their anger out on you disrupting your peaceful life. This will shake you up and stir some emotions, but everything will end up O.K.

If you can’t seem to shake your depression or find solace in the 5 Stress Busters we mentioned and insist on eating, please eat healthy. We would hate for you to eat junk food when you are sad only to become more depressed after gaining weight from all that emotional eating. If you are feeling unhappy to the point of depression, we suggest finding the root of the issue and tackling that. If you feel like you have too many problems to help, please go talk to someone. We would hate for you to make a wrong decision, no matter what the stress type or stress level may be. We love all of you!

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