10 Things To Do At Your Bachelorette Party


Ten Things To Do At Your Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party

Getting married is stressful, and involves a lot of work for both bride and her maid honor—in order to make everyone’s life that much less hectic, here’s a list of ten things to do at your bachelorette party.

1. Pin the Penis on the Bloke

Who doesn’t remember playing the occasional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey at birthday parties? Spice things up a little with this fun (and naughty) variation on the original.

2. Eating the Obligatory Genital- Shaped Cake

For this one, you can either have the cake itself made in the shape of the appropriate sexual organ, or have toppings that are made in the shape of said sexual organ. Extra points if you have both a penis and a vagina-shaped cake.

3. Racing Wind-Up Penis Game

Who doesn’t love little wind-up toys? At your bachelorette party, turn America’s love affair with these cute little toys into a drinking game—the first penis to cross the finish line wins.

4. Penis Ring Toss

Once again, there are several variations to this game. The penis may be worn on the head, in the crotch area, or placed upright on the floor. In any event, the goal is to same—to toss the rings around the penis.

5. Bride Bingo

Once again, a variation on more traditional forms of the game. Instead of numbers, Bride Bingo features words that
describe the bride.

6. Bachelorette Mad Libs

For this game, you can either buy a pre-made version, or make your own, featuring stories about the bride and groom. I would personally recommend the latter opinion, or a mixture of both, in order to make the game more personal.

7. Destroying the Penis-Shaped Piñata

This one is pretty self-explanatory, although it goes without saying that the piñata must be filled with penis and vagina-shaped candies.

8. Decorate the Penis Cupcake/Cake/Cookie

Once again, petty self-explanatory.

9. Advice for the Bride

Have all of the guests write advice for the bride down on sheets of paper (extra points if the paper is a funny shape) and then have the bride read them aloud.

10. Bachelorette Party Awards

At the end of the evening, award prizes to the guests. The categories can be anything—person who traveled the furthest to attend, the craziest partier, the best/worst person at holding down their liquor, ect. The prizes should, of course, be something sexual in nature. (Extra points if they’re also mildly embarrassing).


Now go out, and have fun (and congratulations to the bride!)

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