Would You Buy Colored Cigarettes?

Cigarettes are harmful.  Cigarettes can kill you.  Some people think cigarettes make them look cool.  Some people think that colored cigarettes make you look even cooler.  Does that mean you should buy them?

colored cigarettesThese cigarettes are just so colorful!  Gold filters. Rainbow paper.  It almost makes you feel like celebrity, doesn’t it?
It is amazing how many people buy an item just because of the packaging.  There are several websites online that provide people with an array of different cigarettes for their color preference.  These items are bought each day by consumers who seem to prefer colored cigarettes over the regular ones at the gas station.  Is there something about colored cigarettes that makes them so great?

Would you buy colored cigarettes just to match your outfit?  If you didn’t smoke at all, would you purchase them because they had a zebra striped pattern?  This is where all of the advertising comes in.  People are “wowed” by things that are different.  If they continue to make cigarettes that pop out at you, people will continue to buy them.  It doesn’t matter if they smoke or not.

Would you buy colored cigs for the fun of it?

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