What To Pack For The “Big Day”

Days leading up to your little one can bring upon many different feelings; anxiousness, sadness, depression (to some), happiness, joy, tiresome, and determination. Based upon my experience I would say, you will feel mostly, happiness. You are and have been so excited for months to finally meet your little boy or girl. You’re excited to see if she has your smile and daddy’s eyes, or daddy’s nose and your mouth. The thoughts and the images you come up with are endless. You nervously pace back and forth, back and forth, considering when they will come; work schedules; family and friend visits; that you may have forget what to pack. That’s why I’m here to help. As a mother of one beautiful young boy, I can give you a list of the items I know you will truly need. From what I found, pack light. You will be sent with so much more than you had expected and sent home with the greatest gift of all… Your child.

Packing For Labor Day

Moms Need To Bring:

Boy, this is a memorable occasion. From what can last 12 hrs to the excruciating, gruesome thought of a 72 hr labor, you need to be prepared. Not having one little thing can ruin your entire mind-frame and the day of labor. To play off what I had said earlier, I do highly suggest you pack light. Your hospital, family, friends, and anyone that may visit you, always will send you home with the basic essentials and then some. I had packed my daily items; Contacts & glasses, beauty items (although they were hardly used), toothbrush, and a few different outfits. Keep in mind, after labor you will be in a lot of pain. So bring comfy clothes; i.e. Sweat shirts, Sweat pants, socks, basically all of your husband’s attire! Picture your having a sleepover like you’re in 7th grade again, except, this sleepover actually may be pretty painful! Now, I won’t go into far detail but my labor and delivery was the easiest thing I had experience. Thank you drugs, nurses, and a Easy baby. I’m sure my husband was happy… Leading up to the Epidural I think he was called every swear word in the book, my bulls-eye for items thrown, and a punching bag. And yes, he deserved it. Or so I think he did; he had mentioned to me the following day I kept yelling, “this is all your fault. You bastard!”

Besides your beauty products, I suggest just pack what makes you happy. For example, a Magazine, Electronics, a Stuffed Animal, or something that will distract you and yet keep you calm and focused. (I slept through my whole labor so I don’t remember a thing). But then after delivery and during that little down time, if at all, sleep. Sleep had never felt better. For first time Mom’s & Dad’s, you will sit there in excitement of this new precious child. You will stare and admire the child to watch for their eye’s to open, they sneeze or for them to possibly smile. It is adorable and you will be in such awe and amazement. But honey, truth of the matter is, you will see that for the rest of your life.
I, being the overall excited Mom I was, had never slept. Boy, once I was home from the hospital, I had regretted that. You will be all excited that you just pushed a kid out of you and now have your body back, but I do suggest sleep.

Note for the Future Dad’s: If you don’t tell your wife she’s pretty, compliment her, and help. You may not be a father anymore. She may just leave you at the Hospital.


Dads Need To Bring:

Here’s the scene:
(this is why your girl might get a little angry with you)
I’m pacing back and forth, stopping every once in a while for a little kick my son provides. Or what feels like a Knife stab in the back. I’m making sure all of the odds and ends are finalized, as all women do. I have my beauty items arranged, change of clothes, our son’s first few items, and then I look over and almost screamed when I saw my husbands bag. He had 2 boxers, a toothbrush, a Playboy Magazine, and a Computer. Are you kidding me? This is the only thing a man needs?! Why do men have it so easy? My husband looked like a Puppy when I said, “this is all your taking?!” His response, “Uh, yeah, I think that’s about everything.” With a big smile on his face he forcefully high-fived me, grabbed his IPOD Touch, and was on his way. Oh I just screamed inside of me. Not only am I doing all the hard-work but he will be sitting over there playing games on his phone, computer, and every other electronic he had brought. Now in reality, and I will say it to defend the men, that’s really all they need. The Hospital provides the means to eat and shower, dependent on the state you live and the hospital you may want, I do suggest for you to bring your own food and a sleeping space. My poor Honey had Salads, sandwiches and fruit cups while I was in there for the two days. And he had to remind me everyday he’s sleeping on a “cot,” that was in the form of a couch. Haha, I love you Babe!


When it came time to leave, and those two days we were in the delivery room, we had and were provided so much more than we had came with. Yes, we brought our son’s first few outfits, diapers, wipes, hats, and all. Note: Dependent on where you live, you always want to dress your little one warmer, so bring extra layers if you need them. But then the midwife sent us home with Breastfeeding supplies, blankets, hats, mittens, scarfs, diapers, wipes, bottles, everything! What a relief and how thoughtful!

After the pains of the delivery, the lack of sleep, through the endless “thank-you’s” and “you’re beautiful” from my Husband, the endless cries from my child, I smiled and shed a few tears because I was finally leaving with the best gift I could have ever asked for. But words from the wise; no tips, no list, no items I had packed, nothing, could prepare me for what I was in store for… Parenthood.

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