Dress Your Body Type And Age

F – A – S – H – I – O – N

Love. Sexuality. Confidence. Arrogance. Cold. Dark. Bright. Fun. Light. Heavy. Changing. Evolving. Dare-Devil. Skiddish. Quiet. Loud. Riot. Rawr.

You are always changing and breaking the mold. Whether you are awed at with your outfit choice or if you are stared at like your a walking Baboon. You need to make a statement. Don’t be afraid to change the style and the typical you see. We’ve had Fashion stylists who have gone so close to the edge, such as the great and past Alexander McQueen, to the Vera Wang’s, Gabanna, and more. Be yourself and set the path for what you want in Fashion. No one is right. No one is making the standard. You can take items that you find in your household and create them into fashion pieces. I love that fashion is always changing. No two people have it “right.”

My advice to all is; please, please dress for your age, body type, and what suits you. Dress in a way that makes you feel like you. We’ve seen so many women try to fit into that dress that’s too small and put up such a fight, or women that are in their 50’s dressing as if they were still in high school. No matter how you look as an Individual, it will never work.

Woman – you are all still beautiful no matter the circumstance but some of you are aging.  One thing I will say is that I cannot stand to see a 40 year old wearing a tacky outfit to the bar.  There are slits all over the place plus fades and cuts in jeans.  She’s got all the works as if she’s a Forever 21 Employee fresh out of school.  That doesn’t cut it!  Dress your age, sweetheart.

Clothes For Women

You should try suiting your age and body type. Please find some of our daily advice for age, body and to fit the type of beautiful woman you are.

Just don’t be afraid to try something; you will never go wrong!

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