Wedding Of Kim Kardash Equals Plenty Of Cash

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got paid big for the their wedding gig.

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Kim Kardashian and Kris the Ogre were married Saturday, August 20, 2011 in a beautiful, private location in Monecito where she earned the green. Kourtney, her older sister, tweeted the Bridesmaids dresses were “Green”, when simply and more than likely she was probably looking at all the Money they were going to earn. Apparently, the K & K Wedding was the Biggest Event of the Summer, let alone Celeb Wedding to happen lately, and what better way to celebrate then with money, publicity, and more Money. Maybe Love? Nonetheless, Kris Jenner is one lucky momager.

According to sources, Kim Kardashian has earned well over 20 million to marry the “love of her life.” As well as having the entire wedding and items sponsored by some of her favorite friends. She had multiple dresses made by Vera Wang, recieved huge discounts off the rock on her finger, and was blessed with beautiful décor.  All for the Kardashian name.  (And probably because every one couldn’t wait for her to shut the hell up about being married!) She will be having a four hour – 2 day special show on the E! Network this upcoming October. But where is the modesty?

After reading all of the Articles, mentions on, People and more, we cannot seem to be pleased. Yes, Kim is gorgeous.  Yes, the Wedding exclusive we’ve seen so far looks beautiful. I love the Canopy above all of their guests. As a Wedding Coordinator, I can’t help but seem a little jealous and in awe of such beauty and ambiance of this Day. But, really, in these times of hunger, disaster, recession, a Magazine is really going to pay someone $15 mil for to have a wedding? Last time I heard, from a tradition standpoint, weddings have always been sacred and intimate. Weddings have always been in front of your closet friends or family, or have been in front of hundreds. Nonetheless, all very special. Of course, Kim Kardashian, being the lavish woman she is, invited everyone she’s probably even said Hi too. But really, they paid her all of the money to film this. You would even think with how much money they have between the two of them; Kim and Kris would pay money to a donation or a fund or help someone in need instead of giving out favors and gifts to their guests. But no. Of course not. Not in this world.  Especially with all of the publicity they have all gotten from it.

I’m sure all of those in Joplin, MI, who have had their entire lives destroyed by those tornadoes could have really benefited from any amount you guys. But hey, maybe caring for someone else is just silly right. We hope that maybe these weeks after the Special Day and Kim’s extra 10 minutes of Fame and Glory had simmered, she makes some sort of donation or does some Charity Event to make amends!

Note to People Magazine; I think I’m getting married in the spring.  Just sayin’!


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