The Poor Girls Latte.

If you’re like me, you need that caffeine boost in the morning to get your day started. But if you are also like me, a young professional with out the cash flow to make daily trips to Starbucks for my Skinny Vanilla Latte – you’re in luck!

My friends, meet the “Misto” drink – aka the poor girls latte. A Misto (or more generically known as a “Café au leit” is a hot drink consisting of half coffee, half steamed milk and a bit of foam. Just like regular coffee or a latte, a Misto can be made decaf, nonfat, and with your favorite syrups.

The price difference between a regular latte and Misto in some locations can be a $1 cheaper. While it might not seem a lot at once, saving a $1 on daily purchase can really add up. Also not only in dollars, the Misto is better for you calorie wise!

A standard Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte measures out to be around 130 calories. A Grande Non-Fat Misto with Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup comes down to only 70 calories. And if you’re worried about taste, don’t fret! The Misto doesn’t hold back in taste or caffeine, delivering the same satisfying experience from a normal Latte.

There are many places where the money and calories you’re saving can be going. Don’t let them go to waste on a 16 oz. drink! Instead, set those aside for fun things you might not always splurge on, like a small popcorn at the movies or a cupcake to get you through an afternoon hump at work.

Now that Fall is fully underway, a Misto can give you a warm charge to start your day, but more importantly save you some much needed money.

Article Written By: Angela Mayhew –

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