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Twilight Star, Robert Pattinson, wants your blood. Wait, we mean… he wants a fashion line?

Celebrities of all kind have begun to become a “triple threat.”
We have the stars like Jamie Foxx who is very successful when it comes to being a triple threat.  His features in A-list movies, television shows, and hit songs have brought him to the top in many places throughout the entertainment industry. He has successfully made it as an all-around star. The latest trend that celebrities are taking up is being a fashion designer. We’ve had actors like the Olsen Twins, Justin Timberlake, Hillary Duff, and a million others who like to take a dip in the fashion world. Does that mean that Robert Pattinson should jump on this bandwagon, too?  Who is a little bit unsure of this besides me?

Yes, Robert Pattinson is hot, sweet, and absolutely yummy… but we do not know how his clothing would turn out.

Apparently, he showers once every 3 months so we can only imagine his fashion sense.
Then again, I think if a celebrity wore a trash bag with a sexy pair of heels I would follow the trend.  Look at Lady Gaga.  She doesn’t care what she wears and people follow her style whether they are at the circus or at a restaurant.  Guy celebrities can wear a woman’s hat and we would still think they were sexy.  Maybe Robert Pattinson will design some trench coats for all of the Inspector Gadget wannabes.

It’s completely beneficial if we can at least get sexy photo shoots out of Rob Pattinson.  We will definitely take his fashion line if that happens!

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