The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: The Coffee Guide

Being a huge fan of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives me the pleasure of trying many different beverages.  I would build a Coffee Bean in my own home if I could afford it.  Going there every day still doesn’t give me the right to say “I have had everything here.”  The workers are always on top of it and they sometimes know what you might like in your drink.  Here is a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee guide.  You should try it if you have one around you.  Unfortunately, they are pretty much on the West Coast.  Hopefully they spread all over the country soon!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Light & Subtle Coffees

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

Alight and spicy coffee that is blended with flavor.

100% Kona

You can say this one is a little nutty!  It’s sweet with a nut-flavor that gives it a certain smoothness.

Brazil Cerrado

Walnut notes flavor this earthy coffee.

House Blend

A light house blend with a fruity taste.  There is also a little bit of a buttery sensation that comes alive.

Rich & Smooth Coffees

Colombia Narino

This is creamy blend with a well-balanced flavor plus a very rich flavor.

Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu

We’ve got an elegant an complex flavor going on in this one.

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate

Clean and refreshing taste with a little bit of spice.

Sumatra Mandheling

If you want a thick body and malty flavor then this blend is for you.

Dark & Distinctive Coffees

Bali Blue Moon

This coffee has got quite the mixture.  A toffee type smell that comes from semi-sweet chocolate flavors and a black cherry finish.

Espresso Roast Blend

You have an earthy flavor with a creamy body and caramel-like aroma.  The finish is bittersweet.

Tanzania Peaberry

Expect hints of dark chocolate and black currant.

Viennese Blend

Full-flavored with an extremely rich aroma.  Plus, you will have some tastes of chocolate.

Flavored Coffees

Creme Brulee

Tastes just like the dessert!  Vanilla and buttery flavors will fill your mouth.

French Vanilla

It’s all va-va-vanilla!  Buttery taste of vanilla in every drop.


There is an earthy nutty flavor is blended throughout the whole cup of coffee.

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