Stay At Home Mom Vs. Working Mom

Stay At Home Moms: “I wish I could be working rather then staying at home…”

Working Moms: “I wish I could stay at home…”

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It will be an endless battle until the end of time. The stay at home mom wants to be at work and the working mom wants to be at home. There will never be a fine line in between.  There will always be a difference in views and opinions on these matters. Who has more tasks and obligations?

Here’s how I perceive it, and no way is better than the other. No way is more special. Your life, your child, and your career are all special blessings, no matter how you do it.  The pro of staying at home means you can do everything on your own time. Then again, look at all the jobs that come with it,  You must take care of your child, the dog, the laundry, the shopping; anything and everything. Your husband only helps when he comes home from a long day which means he might put his dishes in the sink. You tend to feel like a robot all day. You become depressed and sad if you devote your life to your child and cleaning. Too bad you still wouldn’t be happy to go to work and deal with a boss, co workers, and all the problems while only thinking of your home. What to do in this life?

What is more fun; staying at home with your little bug or going to work thinking of them?


After I had my little baby Cooper, I was off to work 5 days later.  Now maybe you think I am crazy but a lot of mothers who have to support themselves can’t afford to take off a lot of days at work.  I felt like I went back after 5 minutes of the delivery because the days with Cooper went by so fast.  After dealing with the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the sadness, anger and frustration of leaving my baby, I went back to work. I worked everyday for eight hours and then came home to be a mother.  I didn’t have time to myself.

After some point, as a mother, you become overworked and exhausted. We’ve all have gone through a point in our lives where it’s been too much to handle. If you cannot stay home and are forced to work, find some time to have a day for yourself. Free of work, kids, and your significant other.  If you’re a stay at home mom, find something fun to do during the day. Possibly join book clubs, write, or paint.  Find things you can do outdoors or just out of the house with your child.  It will give you both a chance to make fun memories as well as get out of the house.



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