Outsmart Online Dating Liars


I don’t know if you’ve paid attention or if you heard, but the new craze is going on blind dates. Sometimes blind dates are a success and the start of a beautiful, meaningful relationship. Other times, you can basically call it a disaster. How can you really be sure the person matches their ad?  With the endless amounts of resources; anyone and their mother could probably go on and say they are someone who they aren’t. Which, by the way, if you see my mother on one of those websites, please do not hesitate to run away. Kidding!  Sort of.

With all of these websites out there; Match, Free Dating, Plenty of Fish, you just do not know where to go.  Should you believe what they have written on their profile? Who is to say they do not enter the stats: 6’5, dark, handsome, brown hair and great smile, making you to believe your about to meet Jake Gyllenhaal at Chipotle’s and then they show up looking like Spencer Pratt. How can you trust an online site? Have you ever just met with someone and you thought, “Hm, you kind of look like the guy in your pictures?!”  You might need help asap for the online dating world.

If you are going to meet them, tell them the “wrong” destination.  Yes, it may be harsh, but honey we are just trying to save you from that lying werewolf that might end up sitting at your table. If he is who you thought, then you go in for the kill.  So, just do the following instructions:
Tell him you are meeting at the Starbucks and wait across the street. Make sure you know what he is going to be wearing.  This will keep you alert for when he walks into the coffee joint.  Of course, they could have a killer personality, so if you’re feeling up to it, stick around. But if there is anyone to avoid, please avoid all the pervs and losers. We’d hate for you to get stuck with one of those fishes!

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