Plastic Surgery (With Makeup): Bigger Lips

The makeup tips in this video are really amazing. I’ve never really had a desire to make my lips look bigger, but after watching the video I’m ready to go buy some lip liner and give this “plastic surgery” a try!

The woman in the video gives very simple, step-by-step instructions that will make creating this look easy! Plus, you can actually see that the tips work by her own makeup. By the end of the video her lips look much bigger and fuller. I mean, check out these pictures….


This is the woman in the video before the “plastic surgery”…..

Plastic surgery with makeup bigger lips before picture….and this is her after! Big difference!

Plastic surgery with makeup bigger lips after picture

There is obviously a huge difference in the appearance of this woman’s lips, and she didn’t have to pay the big bucks and go through a painful surgery to make them look this way! If you want to make your lips look bigger, save yourself the money (and pain!) and use makeup “plastic surgery” to achieve this sexy look!



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    Nice thoughts! It would be great if you can give more insights. That could be even more useful in our daily lives.

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