Ooma Is Down


Ooma is a VOIP service that is currently down nationwide.  Will the people with Ooma’s service have connection to the outside world again within the next few hours?  You could say that this is a bit of a crisis since Ooma’s websites aren’t currently working right either.  What are people going to do without the VOIP service of Ooma if it is their only way of communicating with people besides face to face interaction?

Rumors have already started that Ooma was thinking about shutting down.  These rumors are not true so please catch a deep breath and push out a sigh of relief for that one.  Customers are trying to rech out to Ooma but their office seems to be closed  Voicemail greetings are being heard instead of people picking up the phone.  The inbox of the voicemail is already beginning to become full.  Some Ooma customers have gotten through to representatives and got a few answers about the service being down.  The Ooma reps let customers know that they are aware of the service problem and it will be up and running within the next few hours.  The hub in the house-hold will automatically turn its service back on.

Hopefully Ooma gets their s#!t together or many people are going to be very angry!

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