Lindsay Lohan Claims Diss Is Mean So She’s Asking For Green

Reports are surfacing that Pitbull had made a lyric in reference to Lindsay Lohan insulting and making fun of her; now she is suing. Lindsay Lohan wants to receive some compensation from the rapper for speaking of her in his album. How much do you think Lindsay Lohan will sue for? Does Lindsay Lohan even have a case?


In the hit song Give Me Everything Pitbull raps a line that goes like this: “… locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Yes, he referenced her name, but haven’t we all at some point? Isn’t that what she expected would happen? She has gone out of her way to make herself more noticeable to the paparazzi, especially TMZ.  Why would a line as simple as that one offend her so much? Is this another cry for popularity and fame or is this a cry for her last remaining ounces of dignity?  The statement is just saying he’d be locked up like Linds.  She has been locked up before along with every other celebrity so who cares.

And why is this coming up now? Did she just now hear the song? It’s been put since April of 2011. But maybe LL has been too busy on her House Arrest and trying to be a “good girl”, to hear the latest hits?

It seems that the millions of Americans agree with us when we say, LiLo – you’re our girl but you need to get over it. It’s just a song that more than likely boosted Pitbull’s sales as well as gave you another 3 seconds of fame each time they play the song.  It wasn’t a horrible statement and it did not in any shape make fun of your work, looks, nothing. It was a honest statement reflecting an event in your life. This will blow over and pretty soon LL will be on the next thing!


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