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The topic that is touchy and still not openly spoken about but definitely should be is gay couples.

Gay Men

Someone who was very close to me was gay.  He had passed away from AIDS.  I want to share my thoughts on the gay issue because it has effected my life for a long time.

His name was John. He was the sassiest, sexiest, funniest man I’ve ever met. He was everything I wanted in a man. Typical: us straight women lose all the good ones to you guys! True to form; the greatest guys are either married or gay. I guess the single ladies just have to be quicker to the punch.

Unfortunately, he was in a relationship with a man that I did not care for.  The man’s name was B. Just plain B. He was a chauvinistic, arrogant, cocky, controlling man. He didn’t want John to leave him, although he should have years ago! They went years in their roller coaster lifestyle they called a “relationship.” It would be a really high, wonderful, loving ball of joy and then the happiness would always tend to get side swept.  After that would happen the relationship turned into a horrible, disgusting, depression that was almost like a black hole.  It seemed John was always giving and giving but  B would just turn him down. Beat him up.  Bad things happened while B has around.   The biggest issue the two of them fought outside of their relationship was being accepted by the world as homosexual men.

Why is is that Gay people, or Homosexuals, need to be looked down upon as of they are the scum of the Earth? Why, WHY, WHY? There are millions of people who abuse other Humans, animals, have alcohol addictions or drug addictions, this problem or that problem, but Gays are always considered to be the worst of them. We’ve gone through such tradegy and triumph in the gay community. There has been murders, crime, disease but also victory. There has been headlines as horrible as the murders involving Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teena, a.k.a. Teena Brandon, but as I said, victories. Victories such as New York passing Gay Marriages. Victories like the Gay Celebrities contributing and providing to those in need. We wish there was more love for the Gay Community available. We wish there was more love and no H8te. We don’t know why Humans have to be scrutinized for their beliefs. What are the reasons that make you turn against Gays? What makes them so different then you? If they do all the same actions and things we do in life; then no, no they are not different.

What makes me so angry and so sad is that the best people; no matter what sexuality they may be; it seems that the best people are always beat up by those with an ugly behaviour and a ugly side of belief. The Gay Men have Parades, Conventions, Meetings, and all different type of Events to embrace themselves and their love and someone is always disrupting these functions. Someone is always making mean Jokes, Commercials, Photos, anything to bring them down. Yes, we all know it is not promoted within the ‘Bible,’ yes, but we can’t change it. We cannot make one straight, homosexual, transvestite, nothing. When will human beings be able to live like humans? When will love be on this Earth and the hatred down and over with? When? I having had straight and homosexual men in my life don’t see the difference. If you know anyone that is forced to hide his sexuality; know someone that is scared to tell their family and friends, please encourage them to do so. We have looked up on-line so many different support groups and functions that you can attend to make yourself feel good, and feel like you. Being gay is like a new trend, everybody is doing it. We love it!

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