Kate Winslet’s Fight with Fire

Kate Winslet may has now avoided dying from a cold ice block and a blazing fire. Kate Winslet, the beautiful actress we all love and adore, was at Richard Branson’s Carribean home on Monday morning when it had caught on fire. Sources say that the fire was caused by that dreadful Irene on Sunday and it was still not completely finished or put out by today.

richard branson kate winslet fire

Kate Winslet and Richard Branson are fine.  All of those who were visiting in Branson’s home are O.K. as well.  Family and friends of all ages were their celebrating and relaxing. The twenty something people who were boarded and staying in the lavish eight bedroom home had all made it out alive. And our admirable Kate had saved the day! Kate had rescued Branson’s 90 yr old mother! Kudos to you KW!


We hope that Richard is able to recover any of his photographs and that all of those who were involved in this fire did not face any tragic losses of items.  Stupid Irene! Go pick on someone else!



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  1. Come hell or high water Winslet’s a survivor!

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