Hide Pimples With Makeup


There is nothing worse than waking up with a big pimple on your cheek and not being able to hide it. Well, worse things could probably happen, but getting a tough pimple still really sucks! One of the hardest things about getting a pimple is walking around with it on your face knowing that everyone else can see it. Solution to your problem? Cover it with makeup.

I can honestly say I’ve struggled with covering a pimple with makeup more than once. It’s always the same scenario: I put some makeup on it and it still looks red, so I put more on and then it’s a big dark spot on your face, so I try and take some off and I just end up with a big red spot! Pimple – 1  Me – zero.

The thing I like most about this video is the tiny little tips they give you that I’ve never heard of before. Visine not only takes the red out of your eyes, but your zits too?! Who knew? Check out this video and try some of the tips next time you have a difficult pimple you need to hide with makeup. Comment below and let us know how it works for you!

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