Hi Mom… I’m Dating A Different Race



The latest, and somewhat scandalous, trend that parents seem to hate but kids love is being in a relationship. No matter the age, people love to be in a relationship. They love to be loved or at least love the idea of sex. Isn’t sex what drives us? Sex sells. Sex makes or breaks relationship. Sex is everything, to some. (There are still a lot of good people there and we applaud you!) But what is it when the person you date or having sexual encounters with is a different race? How is it when you bring home a person to show to your family and their the different race?


We, at My10Online, empower and embrace all love no matter the sex, race, any demographic. Although, there are still families and cultures who may disagree. I don’t know why this has been an idea embedded into the brains and skulls of our past generations. I think in the 40’s if you dated someone that wasn’t in your same Race you would be jailed or probably killed. Now a days, every person is a mixture. Which does make me admit, I think some of the most beautiful babies have been mixed between African American and White. So when is it time to tell your parents your dating, let alone dating a different race? Is it right or is it wrong? Are you different or would you be looked down at if you start dating Mr. Sexy Chocolate when you are a red-haired Pony tail White Girl? We say, No, No, NO.

If you think it may be problem, the least you could do is be honest. Your parents will learn to adjust and adapt this relationship. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your Black, White, Chinese, Mexican.. or even a Ginger. We are all human. If a different race treats you better, makes you feel beautiful, and loves you respectfully, that’s all that matters.

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