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Before going to see Glee in 3D I heard both good and bad reviews about it.  The movie cost about 10 million dollars to make and they only brought in a little over 5 million dollars in sales.  It’s been said that a concert movie for Glee was an idea derived from Justin Bieber’s hit film Never Say Never. Maybe they thought since Bieber’s movie did so well that a Glee concert movie would do the same.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t turned out that way yet.

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The movie started out with a rush of fans and concert clips.  Different scenes gave you a look into the world of the fans by showing interviews that were conducted with chosen “Gleeks.”  You got to know a few fans on personal levels and how Glee has helped them get through their own life problems.  These stories were very touching because it touched on a lot of issues that people face every day.  Being gay, being an outcast, and just feeling different from others.

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The first song the cast sang was by Journey.  Don’t Stop Believing put me in tears within the first 4 minutes of the concert.  The 3D effect made me feel like I was on stage with them.  I am a big gleek.  However, I don’t watch the show much because I want to be on it and watching it makes me jealous! (( ha ha ))  I thought that the movie was basically just a concert.  To me, when Britney S. Pierce did Slave For You you could tell that she had to have been lip syncing.  Her dance moves are fierce and on point but with all of the movement you just can’t sing with that steady of a voice.  I feel like only Lady Gaga has that much talent.

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When the boys would come out on stage I would clap for joy.  I love Kirk.  He has no fear on being who he is.  A lot of my friends are gay but they are not out to some of their friends and family.  I myself don’t have this struggle but I see how unhappy it can make someone feel.  Kirk has showed Glee fans that they can come out and be O.K. with it.  You are who you are.  This entire movie shows that you can be who you want to be.  Just like the show, the movie has great positive impact as well.

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The major issue I had with the movie is that I feel like they featured Rachel too much.  I know that she is “the star” but for me it was too much.  Let others have the same time.  The songs that they picked to feature were all great.  Teenage Dream is one of my absolute favorites to listen to from the show.  The scenes from backstage were very funny.  I wish that there would have been more behind the scene action.  It seemed like they didn’t really capture the full backstage effect of the Glee cast.  It almost seemed fake to me.  A documentary should be in the works for the cast.  I believe that more behind the scenes footage would have brought in more sales.


I LOVE GLEE!  The movie was overall awesome.  I am still dancing and singing in my seat from the inspiration it gave me.

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