Girls Constantly Lose: Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

You’re sick of leaving your hair down because the look is getting boring for you. You only have five bobby pins left and you can’t find a hair-tie.  It’s very odd seeing as how you just bought a full pack of pins two and a half weeks ago that came with six free ties.  There must be a place where they all meet up and go to and decide to never come back.  Here are a three ways to help save you money on bobby pins and hair-ties.

Shopping At The Dollar Tree

Don’t ever be afraid to buy items at the Dollar Tree.  This will save you a ton of money and the products are not as bad as you might think.  If you buy bobby pins here, they are $1.00 for 30 and you definitely can’t beat that price.  Hair ties are a little trickier because you need a brand that won’t break, lose elasticity and are easy on your hair.  Find a set of hair-ties for no more than $5.00 at a store like Wal-Mart and you’re all set.

Find an Old Make-up Bag

Most women have more than ten old make-up bags that they keep “just in-case” they will ever use it again.  Well, here’s your chance!  Grab one of those old things and start filling it with all of your bobby pins and elastic ties that you just saved money on.  You will always know where they are and it will be easy to remember you need to put them back in there after you use them.  This will be convenient when you want to take it with you. Pick one of a smaller size so you can throw it in your purse and locate it easily.  Even if you decide to throw this bag in with your drawer full of headscarves and headbands, you’ll be able to find it quickly.

Hang Them Up on Hooks

Go out and buy cheap, but of course cute, decorative wall hooks.  Hanging hair-ties on these is another great way to keep track of them.  You should display these in “low-profile” areas because placing them right in the middle of your bedroom wall might look a little tacky.  The side of your bathroom sink or the side of your dresser are good spots to put these in because they will be in the places you most likely do your hair in.



With these few tips you should definitely be able to keep these two purchases cheap and long lasting!


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