Casey Anthony Is A Mess

caylee_anthonyTuesday, August 9, 2011, would have been the beautiful, precious, sweet young Caylee Anthony’s 6th Birthday. Unfortunately, her life was swept right under her feet by a selfish, crude, disgusting monster of a mother. Whether you believe Casey Anthony is guilty or not, this is the story that millions of Americans thought.  According to the Orlando jury, she is not guilty.  May Caylee forever rest in peace even though justice was wrongly served.

Casey Anthony better watch herself. I know how the majority of those following this case feel and it is not full of sunshine and bubbles.  They want Casey Anthony dead.  That is the cold, hard truth.  The day of the verdict will forever be one of the most disgusting, sad, horrific days in history. Millions of fans watched, studied, and followed this case thoroughly.  It’s amazing to say that they had put their lives on hold just to see that justice was not even served!

Played on CNN regularly during the day, the jury had ended the case sooner than what we thought. The day of the verdict was gut wrenching. The jurors found Casey Anthony free of murder and she walked away with a smile. Viewers were angry and outraged; threatening the jurors lives as well as Casey’s. Well, Casey can’t be in hiding much longer. Orlando has sentenced Casey to come serve and report for probation. This is the same town with signage banning the jurors and Casey herself.


Judge Belvin Perry is a little bit on the edge of having Casey serve her probation in the state of Florida but insists it must be done.  Stating, “This court is very mindful that it is a high probability that there are many that would like to see physical harm visited upon the Defendant,” but it is something that seeks done. I still cannot fathom the idea of the loss of the child. After 31 days of the child being missing, that is when the grand mother, Cindy Anthony, reports the child to the Police. The whole topic is gut-wrenching, sick, and horrible to us. We hope that Casey Anthony serves her Probation or better yet goes back to Jail. I know if she is ever freed and doesn’t have security; someone may find Casey and get back at her for what she did to that poor child…. Rest in Peace Angel. Your mother was horrible.

Just a note from the wise, Casey Anthony; DON’T GET PREGNANT AGAIN.

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